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Did you know that SIFP has a specific track and $25,000 grant for established nonprofit organizations? In addition to providing support, mentorship, and funding to brand-new ventures, SIFP is commited to incubating new programs and initiatives from existing organizations. As long as your organization creates impact within the Puget Sound region, you are eligbile to apply, regardless of your staff size, budget, or tenure.

So, what exactly does it mean to be an established organization? Your organization is automatically entered into the established track as long as you:

  • have a 501(c)3 designation,
  • have been operating locally for over one year, and
  • have a current annual budget of over $100,000.

Even though SIFP is supporting established organizations, this doesn't eliminate the requirement of a new innovation. Established nonprofits must be pitching a new program or initiative (started within the last three year), rather than the entire organization itself. For example, you might pitch:

  • a pilot for a new program you are hoping to try out over the next year, that supplements your current offerings,
  • a new partnership with another organization to strengthen your effectivenss through collective impact,
  • a program that was done as a one-time event that you would like to build into a sustainable part of your organization, or
  • any other brand-new, innovative approach to social impact that you are developing or have already deployed.

The challenge for existing organizations is figuring out how to leverage the strength and significance of the entire organization's impact and track-record, while primarily focusing on the new initiative. Most successful applications from existing organizations write the pitch as though this program is a new organization that is being incubated and supported within the larger umbrella of the existing nonprofit.

Remember applications are due on June 29th!