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Applicants to SIFP



2Morrow Mobile LLC (For-profit)
2Morrow Mobile creates mobile tools that help people change their habits so they can live healthier, happier, more productive lives.

Actively Learn (For-profit)
No one learns to read right. Now they will @ActivelyLearn.

Adaptive Leadership Institute (Non-Profit)
Help our Veterans injured in combat overcome the myriad of physical, psychological and emotional issues thru learning how to surf in WA.

Alpha Supported Living Services (Non-Profit)
Connect underserved people with intellectual disabilities to services and supports through new collaborations among providers.

Art Ops (Non-Profit)
We collect past-version iPhone donations, and ship class-in-a-box kits for photography, animation, songwriting, and filmmaking to schools.

BB Ranch (Hybrid)
We are the connector between the small rancher offering local products and a consumer looking for the next generation of local consumption.