The SIFP team has identified three needs in the Puget Sound social sector, which we believe also exist in many other cities in the US and elsewhere:

    1. Social innovators need a forum for finding advisors, donors, investors, and partner organizations
    2. Existing NFP’s need more community awareness, leadership capacity building, and mentoring
    3. Philanthropists and donors need efficient ways to see and contribute to the most innovative social ventures

The SIFP program will not only address the needs above, but also catalyze local communities including new and existing organizations as well as volunteers and donors to achieve the following goals:

  • Year 1: successful first-time program engaging the community, addressing key needs, and meeting metrics including budget and impact
      1. Connect with 20+ community partners for outreach and program alignment
      2. Raise sufficient grant and investment funds to deliver material awards to early-stage innovators
      3. Train 40+ social innovators in fast-pitching, and concise business articulation
      4. Connect 40+ innovators with experienced community mentors and competition judges
      5. Bring 350+ members of the community to October 3rd event, exposing them to the 20 most innovative contestants to develop awareness, giving opportunities, and opportunities for long term contributions of talent and/or funds


    • By year 2: proven, self-sustaining model operating in Seattle, meeting needs and delivering measurable impact
    • By year 5: self-sustaining model replicated in 7 US and 2 international cities

    Long term impact measurement is needed to verify the longevity of the early-stage innovative programs/ventures nurtured by the SIFP program and quantify the impact of the social innovations.  Development of a cost-efficient means to study long-term impact is a work in process; SVP is seeking academic and community involvement in this effort.