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This year, SIFP is hosting four capacity-building workshops at Hub Seattle, open to all Seattle social innovators. We are asking all participants to spend 1-2 hours before each workshop in preparation for diving right into the subject matter during the workshop. Participants who do not come prepared will lack the full substance of each workshop. 

Questions for 'Understanding Your Market' Workshop, on May 16th, to be completed before the workshop begins.

  • What is the market opportunity in terms of total size ($ or #) for your product or service?
  • Is the market growing?
  • Does the market exist today or do you need to create the market?
  • Who precisely is your audience?  Describe the "want" and the "need."
  • Does your audience have money to spend on your products/services?
  • Why will your targeted audiences engage or utilize your products or services?
  • Is your targeted audience representative of a sub-set of the total market or representative of the total market?
  • Are there any regulatory or government roadblocks that are relevant to the market?
  • Prove that you understand or will learn the issues at the "BOP."


Register for the Understanding Your Market workshop here. 

**Did you know? Early-stage organizations MUST attend at least one workshop prior to application deadline on July 6th, while leaders of later-stage and established programs are recommended to attend as they see fit, but are but not required to do so. 

About the SIFP Workshops: The purpose of these workshops are to 1) better prepare applicants for the SIFP competition and rubric for which they will be judged, and 2) to help social innovaters in Seattle better assess strengths and weaknesses, refine their business models, support their team, and articulate their innovation.

These workshops will be hands-on and interactive, and participants should expect to first go through general principles with the faciliator - including examples and descriptions of a range of organizational stages in capacity building areas - after which participants will work towards a customized approach to their own social venture. For additional information on the SIFP 2012 workshops, check this out.