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Many nonprofit organizations host a big gala with a keynote speaker to help raise money and awareness for their mission.

SIFP is not that. Here are the top 10 ways SIFP is different:

1. Instead of a 60 minute keynote, SIFP features 5 minute pitches by 14 passionate and committed social entrepreneurs.

2. Instead of hearing about the same-old, same-old, you hear about new and innovative world changing ideas.

3. Instead of asking you for money, we ask you to vote by text message for your favorite pitches so they can get money that we've already raised.

4. Instead of hearing only about one non-profit, you will hear from multiple non-profits, from for-profit social businesses, and from social enterprises driven by high school and college students.

5. Instead of supporting and getting involved in one-cause, at SIFP you can choose the social innovation that you want to support in the future and get involved with.

6. Instead of trying to eat a meal at a round-table while trying hard to hear the keynote over the clinks of the forks, SIFP features the pitches in a theater-style seating followed by a wine and appetizers social hour.

7. Instead of interacting with only the 10 people at your table, at SIFP you get to interact with anyone and everyone, including the social innovators making the fast pitches.

8. Instead of a weekend night, SIFP is being held on a Monday evening starting at 4:30pm.

9. Instead of awkward ballroom dancing after dinner, at SIFP you get to interact with other like-minded people and the social entrepreneurs over a glass of wine.  

10. Instead of a tuxedo or an evening gown, Jeans, T-shirts, and Birkestocks with socks are considered appropriate attire at SIFP.

Convinced? Click here to register to attend SIFP. Seating is Limited. So hurry.