A few thoughts for our Pitch Coaches:

  • How vs. What: Your primary focus should be on how they present (2/3), and less on what they present (1/3).  Why?  With only 10 minutes for you and the audience to provide feedback, you can't get into deep discussions of their content.  We're teaching technique and delivery and high level "what" in this forum.  They will have time with mentors to go deeper on content, and you can send them written notes with more specific input on the "what" also.


  • Respect: Remember to be respectful and supportive of the presenter.  They may [or should] be a bit nervous.  It's best to start your feedback with "I really liked..." or "You articulated ... well".


  • Pass Sometimes; Suport Audience. We have between 4 and7 pitch coaches in the room at any one time.  We don't all need to give feedback each time.  If you don't have something vital to add that someone else has not said, it's OK to pass.  Also, we want the peer presenters in the audience to give feedback too.


You wil all have the ability to email, post notes through Angelsoft, or post comments on PixelFlow as a way to get personal direct messages to the participants. Both the presenters and the feedback sessions are being recorded and will be made available to each presenter (individually) and their mentors and coaches.
Thank you!