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A prospective applicant writes:

"I’m really interested in this – but as I read the definitions of who is eligible for SIFP, I think that we don’t fit.  Why, we’ve been a non profit for 4 years – and we are still in lean and mean mode (very small budget, big impact). So as I read it we are labeled as an established org, but don’t qualify for SIFP (even though we have a new program) because we don’t meet the 100K mark.  Is that correct?"

Thanks for asking.  The answer is YES, we would accept and review your application, presuming the program you are pitching is 3 years old or newer.  You would compete with other early-stage organizations, and not against the established organizations as defined by the > $100k budget size.  If your program is 4 years old and you took a while getting it started, you should still apply.  We are looking for new innovation - we can be lenient around the definition of three years old.