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Jerry Weissman, the world’s #1 presentation consultant will provide a FREE session to teams that qualify as quarter-finalists.  I just attended one of Jerry’s seminars this week – and people paid $1,500 per person to attend!

Jerry has spent 20 years teaching CEOs and other executives how to deliver successful, profitable IPO road shows.  His clients credit Jerry’s presentation coaching with helping their companies earn higher stock prices and valuations.  Jerry’s strategies have worked for dozens of big name businesses leaders, including the founding Yahoo! CEO Tim Koogle, Intuit founder Scott Cook, and Netflix founder & CEO Reed Hastings.

He is the author of The Power Presenter including a special chapter on “What Every Speaker Can Learn from Barack Obama.  He is also author of Presenting To Win, named by Fortune Magazine as a “Must-Read”.

We’re lucky to have Jerry provide his services to SIFP applicants. You won’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity.

Jerry will share his thoughts on the Opening Gambit and how to tell your story in a compelling way to get your core message, or elevator pitch, communicted efficiently and effectively.  His blog and website offer some great resources to anyone that wants to communicate better, whether addressing an audience of one or an audience of thousands.