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We've just completed the rubric (criteria) that the SIFP screening team will use to review and score applications, providing key input into the decision making process for the team as we determine who advances to the quarterfinals.  In our continued spirit of openness and transparency, this rubric is available for all to see, posted here.  You should find it is consistent with the guidance we posted to the "Apply" pages, but you will also find it to be more precise and maybe helpful in thinking about your application and fast pitch. 

Since many submitted applications before we posted the rubric, we want to give them a chance to update their app.   All applications are final (for screening) as of midnight next Monday (August 22nd).  Updating before then is 100% optional, so don't feel you need to rush off and change things, but you can if you wish.  If you do, we will get a notice of the change, and we'll make sure that anyone who has read your application re-reads your update. 

Note that everyone advancing to the quarterfinals will have an opportunity to update applications again, before the "Compete and Connect" event on September 19th..