We expanded our capacity. Still a few tickets left for SIFP!

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Ticket sales for SIFP are exceeding our expectations. The graph below shows tickets sales during the month of September. Many of these tickets are multi-seat tickets (rows and table sponsors), so as of this point over 550 people have registered to attend SIFP on October 3, 2011! We have expanded our capacity for the event and some tickets for SIFP are still available.

Gala Schmala -- SIFP is Different.

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Many nonprofit organizations host a big gala with a keynote speaker to help raise money and awareness for their mission.

SIFP is not that. Here are the top 10 ways SIFP is different:

1. Instead of a 60 minute keynote, SIFP features 5 minute pitches by 14 passionate and committed social entrepreneurs.

2. Instead of hearing about the same-old, same-old, you hear about new and innovative world changing ideas.

3. Instead of asking you for money, we ask you to vote by text message for your favorite pitches so they can get money that we've already raised.