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August Do I have to attend the "Presenting to Win" session with Jerry Weissman? No. But, he is a world-renowned presentation coach and you'd be missing a great opportunity. 
  Do I have to attend Pitch Clinics? No, they are optional, but experience last year was that attendees found these experiental workshops to be highly valuable. Nobody who did not attend the pitch clinics advanced from quarterfinals to semifinals. 
  How do I learn more? What else are we supposed to do in August? Spend some time with our content and recommendations: Resources for Teams.  Refine your plan and your pitch, on your own schedule, and working with your mentor and/or expert volunteers.  
September What's the first thing I have to do after Labor day? Attend and compete in the quarterfinals, on September 6th 
  If I'm selected as a semifinalist, what then?  Semifinalists will be announced on Friday the 7th.  You'll have about 4 weeks to work on your own schedule to refine your plan and pitch, as needed.
October How much time will it take to pitch again if I'm a semifinalist? Only about 30 minutes on October 3, plus travel and parking time.  Plus whatever prep/practice time you elect to spend in advance.
  What happens next? Finalists will be announced by Friday October 5th.  Both semifinalists and finalists will be invited to participate in the main event on October 18th, in the community connection pavillion.  The SIFP team will provide materials and instructions for creating low-cost tri-fold posters to present your organization.
  What's the agenda for the main event on October 18th? All semifinalists and finalists will be able to come about 3pm to set up their poster tables.  Community members start arriving at 4:30. The program will complete by 9pm.  A detailed agenda will be published well in advance.
   I have more questions! Try the FAQ, and if you don't find it there and on the site, please post questions to facebook or our blog page.